Clash of Clans cheats, tips and tricks: the ultimate guide

clash of clans tips and tricks

One game is discussed more than any other at the AndroidPIT office, and that is Clash of Clans. Everybody wants to boost their skills and get more jewels in Supercell’s classic strategy game. So to provide you with the advantage against the opposition, we are delivering you the best Clash of tips and Clans cheats we can discover.

How to get free elixir

-Ensure that your army camps are at full capacity.
-Start the laboratory upgrade for wall breakers.
-Cancel the queued wall breakers, once the lab has concluded.
-You may receive a refund for the troops at the updated elixir cost.

The best way to protect your elixir suddenly

-Ensure that your army camps are at full capacity.
-Cancel the build order when you play as well as your elixir will undoubtedly be restored.

Clash of Families tips for beginners

Join a clan: Troops donated to help you out in conflict, and co-ordinated raids can bring in certain huge rewards.

Assemble constructions close together: In addition, make an effort to make sure the outside as possible and there are as many walls between your resources.

Place your most powerful defense units in a place that is central: this will mean they take longer to get to and destroy.

Do not squander your jewels speeding up creation: jewels are difficult to come by, so only use them when you’re distressed or have an abundance of them.

Be careful sending too many troops to assault: Troops sent into battle do not return, even if you are not defeated.

The best way to get stone that are free in Clash of Clans

Some of the most often requested Clash of Clans cheats is getting free gems. To get this done, try removing obstructions like trees, rocks, and bushes from the field – this you will sometimes find jewels in doing. And don’t forget when you reach particular Achievements, that jewels are allowed. Stealing 100,000,000 elixir, for example, will allow you 20 gems.

A note of Clans hacking on Conflict: installing a Battle of Kin hack to get unlimited gems, elixir or gold is not legal. This is the way Supercell, the programmer monetizes the game: installing software to elude this is tantamount to larceny. Clash of Clans hacks can also be bad for your device and computer. Moreover, using codes to get stone for free is not proposed for the same motives. Simply use our Clash of Clans tricks instead.

Let us know in the comments below what other games you’d like tips for. Check Clash of clans hack here.

Machine War Zone debuts new Mobile Strike TV ad with Arnold

mobile strike debut with arnold

He is Back. Having a fresh post-vacation advertisement, Machine Zone has Arnold Schwarzenegger in another advertisement for Mobile Strike.

This mobile modern-combat strategy game debuted in November. This ad is the latest effort of Machine Zone to obtain the interest of hardcore gamers in the $30 billion mobile game sector. In the run-up to the Super Bowl, mobile game companies are likely to start out coming out with more high-profile advertising.

The game is now No. 5 on the top-grossing iOS games in the U.S., according to App Annie.

Mobile Strike comes from the newest Machine Zone {how to hack mobile strike} division dubbed Epic War. Schwarzenegger is the front man for the graphics promoting the present day warfare game, and he’s also now starred in three live action commercials.

Game companies spent about $630 million in 2015 on TV ads this past year. Those advertisements live on for lots of added views on the net, particularly on YouTube. In that way, the ad dollars get stretched a lot farther.

In this advertisement, dubbed “War Without Weapons,” Schwarzenegger starts out looking through a window at a war zone. He makes a missile take off and looks at his telephone. A bad guy attempts to shoot at him, and Schwarzenegger pulls a shotgun on the phone up. He gestures as if he were shooting a firearm, but instead points the telephone at the bad guy. The gun goes off, as well as the bad guy flees. Subsequently Ah nold says, “Oh, look. My phone is blowing up,” as he uses it to rain a genuine air strike on the region.

Schwarzenegger has a lot of celebrity power, but his Mobile Strike advertising always involve some type of wit as well. Amusing advertisements are considered less questionable to consumers, who have a tendency to share them more than other obviously commercial advertising attempts.

It ran on channels for example ESPN, and it absolutely was probably aimed at hardcore fans who like military games. Schwarzenegger appeared in full military attire, and the ad was full of action. While he is getting dressed but this new place is not clearly less nonchalant, revealing him playing on an iPad. Toy soldiers and helicopters appear as he walks down a hallway, also it ends with Schwarzenegger saying, “No matter where, no matter when, I’ll defend.”

Machine Zone released Game of War in the summer of 2013, plus it’s had incredible staying power, remaining in the top-three grossing list for many of the last two years. Machine Zone chief executive Gabe Leydon talked about his company’s strategy at our GamesBeat 2015 conference in October. Sales for Game of War are thought to be in the millions daily and hundreds of millions annually.

In Game of War, the coalition conflicts will be the core of the action and enjoyment. Players attempt to create the biggest bases as well as the strongest connections, and they go to war with other coalitions. With Mobile Strike, Machine Zone is relying upon an identical vengeance-and-competition gameplay to keep players coming back. But as this new advertising shows, Machine Zone apparently desires the casual players as well as the hardcore spenders to drive Mobile Strike higher. Check this site out for Mobile strike hack .

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team: Fast FUT earn coins [Tips & Tricks]

FIFA 16 since yesterday available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. One of the most popular modes in FIFA 16 is undoubtedly the Ultimate Team mode.


FIFA 16 – Quick earn FUT coins

You will doubtless have noticed that good players are currently veelte expensive. This is due, among other things, that FIFA 16 is still fairly new and everyone wants to make money as quickly as possible. There are also limited rare cards, keeping prices shoot through the roof.

You have several ways to earn coins in FUT 16. For example, you can start looking for bargains and resell them at a profit, the downside to this is that you need a lot of work. So you need to keep constant track of the sales and only ever offer the best price. This is of course very time consuming. It can be much easier!

It can be much easier and simpler! Because FIFA 16 is still new, there is plenty of cheap Hertel cards. If you buy a lot of recovery tickets for about 200/250 can sell this in the evenings for a minimum of 600 coins.

The trick to quickly and without risk to earn a lot of money is cheap to buy. Follow the steps below to make quick FUT coins!

Fast money in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

To get started, you have little need FUT 16 coins. With this money we will buy as many tickets as possible recovery. Go Transfers> Consumable Item search.

At Max. Buy Now you enter 250 in, for Type select Restore and Level Gold. Now press Search.

You should now see a whole row of recovery-cards that are intended for the head. This we do not need, we go for Recovery – All injuries tickets.

Try to buy tickets for 250 coins. With the sale of these cards you can earn at least 100%.Buy as many tickets in.

In the afternoon you can sell the Recovery cards for at least 500 FUT coins. In the evenings you can have a lot more in return.

If you have many friends who play FIFA 16, you can tackle it even smarter. You can namely agree with his all to sell the Recovery cards at a time. You speak then a time out to put up for sale the tickets. If, for example with 10 friends put together a ticket for 1000 FUT coins, each player then places 30 cards. There will be over 300 cards at a time for sale at that time. This means that 30 pages, one after the other have the same price.

People are forced to pay the required coins. The more people do this simultaneously, the more profit you can make in a short period. But If you want to get Free coins and points for your better gameplay, you can check Générateur pièces FIFA 16

These things you can do with the new update of Snap Chat

Few Days Back Snap Chat has rolled out a massive update for iOS and Android. The app is a new feature that lets you add special effects to your selfies: Lenses.

To activate Lenses, focus your front camera on yourself and tap your little longer than normal on your face. Bottom of your screen will appear a lot of different filters that you can choose from. Snap Chat tells you exactly what to do!


So you can make a real rainbow come out of your mouth, you can transform yourself into scary monster, you suddenly become thirty years or older you get big, sad eyes tear.


Photos look back

The principle of Snap Chat is that you can send pictures to each other that are to be seen a short time, but since a while you could also view photos and videos look back once. In the new update of Snap Chat is also a function that allows users to look back some photos and videos for $ 0.99. This is the first time that Snap Chat adds a paid position with the app. This update has already been made in America, but it is not yet known when the changes also come to the Netherlands.


If Snap Chat user, you can also earn trophies with Snap Chat. These appear in a virtual trophy cabinet. You can find it if you press the white ghost on top of the picture display.At the same place you can find a trophy with all your prizes. You can earn prizes by sending photos with a filter, a video or snap earning points Snap Chat.

What do you think of the new update Snap Chat?

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