Clash Royale: how to change the name of the account

Clash Royale how to change the name of the account


From rage-­filled Barbarians with glorious mustaches to pyromaniac wizards, raise your own army and lead your clan to victory! Build your village to fend off raiders, battle against millions of players worldwide, and forge a powerful clan with others to destroy enemy clans.

As you know, Supercell only allows us to change once the account name , so if in the next update removed the bug to change color, we introduced the code will be in the name.

Fortunately, we can get in touch with the team Clash Royale to solve the problem and put a new name, either for whatever reason. This involves direct contact with them, as we saw in the guide to recover your account . Without further ado, we teach you how to rename the account again :

  • Step 1: Go to the Settings section and select the tab “support and assistance” . Find the settings in the main game screen, right next to the trophies we have. Within the settings, we’ll look at the bottom to find the tab “support and assistance”.

  • Step 2: Select the “Contact Us” option . It is on the top of the tab in which we are, although it may not appear to us directly. If this is the case, we will respond to any section and “No” to the question “Did you serve help?”. Thus, we have access to the contact form.

  • Step 3: Send a contact form to Supercell . Now, we can send a message to support service game, and have to write a message commenting our problem with the name, which can range from having our real name, have an offensive name or a name of color.

Supercell team can take 3 to 5 days to respond, depending on the workload they have. It is very important to indicate to Supercell the new name we want to have in mind when we send the message, or they can not change it .


Battleborn tricks

Battleborn tricks (2)

Tips and Tricks for the Raid mode

Are you lost in the raid mode? Do you find it too complicated? You do not know what to do?The guys at Gearbox Software have thought that perhaps this is so, and we offer some tips for one of the competitive modes Battleborn , raid mode, and you bring them below:

Basic tips and tricks to start playing Incursion
  • In a game of this nature, any online player is used to try to kill the other enemy players, forgetting (in most cases) the objectives of the mode. Hence we see in many modes as Capture the Flag or domain to players with very low scores but many deaths team. As in other games with similar modes, the most important thing is Incursion defeat the enemy, and for this we must destroy two enemy drones. What to kill enemies must be left until there is no choice.
battleborn tricks
  • An obvious advice is that players control characters who are good at long distance is not too much, not the other players or enemies minions approach. – Our team always take a group of thugs (small creatures that will fight on our side or mercenaries bought with large slivers). Let be they want to receive the most damage rather than trying to help. They are for that, and while players can pursue the objectives of the game. – Drones have a shield that will protect them. Ideally , the bailiffs are those who go head to damage these shields as possible, and players go head – to by the enemy as soon dropped it.


battleborn-tricks 1


  • Use the elevation map to your favor. Specialized heroes over long distances can weaken enemies from afar for his fellow flank and auctioned with ease. – In any game mode Battleborn not find a default team for each game, so (like any MMO or MOBA) ideally players choose one offset as possible. If all players are “tanks” or “healers”, the game is almost lost in advance. Heroes like Miko, Ambra or Kleese can deploy shields or healing abilities in safe places. If we see some other player already chosen someone like Montana, Attikus or boldur, ideally we choose to support another or healer to make the team and help keep the front of the battle for longer.


battleborn tricks 2


  • Prepare for the attack. Skills such as Air Raid, definitive attack Oscar Mike, are suitable to cause major damage in broad areas.Combined with Stealth ability, you can win the game if you manage to sneak and use an airstrike on the last sentry drone. Other similar heroes you should consider are:. Ambra, with its extinction event, and Benedict, with its guided Apocabum missile . – Attack with all your strength when you have fallen much of the enemy team and are waiting to reappear – Edifica , build, build! The struggle for tactical buildable structures is fierce, as they provide strategic advantages and challenges that can change the course of battle. Both teams can buy structures or destroy the enemy.


battleborn-tricks 3


  • Choose a player to be in charge of collecting splinters and buy tactical structures. This is essential for the team to work because this is the (main) responsible for collecting them and to build structures. If all players try to catch them, neither will have enough to get something decent. – Hire servants! At the ends of the map find capture points that allow you to hire mercenaries servants to join your team and fight you. – Do not forget to teleport! Teleportation allows you to quickly return to your base and heal after an intense battle.When, later in the game, the counters of recurrence are higher, more wait compensates for the time required to return to base to be ejected from the game.





Piano Tiles 2 (Thu Tap the white tile is not 2) is the new talk of the town game on Android and iPhone. If you have already played the game, then you need to know that in this game, high scoring is not as easy as it seems. The basic concept of this game is to tap the black tiles and not to miss the single. It’s not as easy as you think it would be. It takes a high degree of commitment and sharp focus to do so. If you are also one of them that is hard to get a satisfactory high score and are looking How To Score High on Piano Tiles 2 fights – tips & tricks, then you have come to the right place. I have a few tips and tricks shared 2 high on piano tile 2 points (Do not tap the White tiles 2) game

How to get a high score on piano tiles 2 – Tips & Tricks:
Read below to know how a high score on piano tiles 2 – Tips & Tricks

There are five points that you should keep in mind while Piano Tiles 2 play to score. .

1. Use two fingersIf you are one of those who prefer to use a finger, while the smart phone to play games, then you will certainly lacking in this behind. No matter how fast your index finger or thumb, you will always be a slow one finger. So, try to control herself in with two fingers, either the thumb or index finger. The question here is what is to be preferred; also not to be confused. Try to use your index finger while playing on the iPad and the thumb on the iPhone or Android. It would help the board to divide it in half, and with a finger on each half assigns n. .

2.  Start slowly and Catch your rhythm: Directly in Arcade or Rush mode Rushing is certainly a stupid decision. Instead of the faster modes jump, walk slowly to catch his rhythm and then go for the faster ones. Piano Tiles 2 is a game of rhythm and starting with Classic or Zen mode always will make you comfortable for a long run. .

3 . Take advantage of the calm rest: It’s a million dollar tip while Piano Tiles Play 2. Never hesitate to use the reminder function. Tap the More button in the main menu and set the timer for the remainder memory. Many people prefer to use 5-7 minutes, but 10 minutes selection would be a good choice. You can use any option between 5-10 minutes choose depending on demand. Always remember your eyes periodically to rest. It would certainly help to Piano Tiles 2 a high score. .

4 . Changing Fingers: If you think having two index fingers or two thumbs is not an ideal option for you then try something new, whichever suits you best. I’ve seen a lot of people using the unique combination of fingers and great to do in this game. .

5.  Become a master of on a plane First: The most challenging game modes are Arcade, rushes and relay modes. So, try to master one of them by playing again. And you will find that you would get better with time. If you will reach to perfection ability to create your own high score inspire you..

6.  Put the top points Beat attempt on the leader not: If you are the high values ​​in the ranking overwhelmed and try to reach this level. Then I have to tell you that these values ​​are not real.They are fake! These people have a kind of cheats, cracks or hacks used to babble their grades.Use to ignore common sense and these values. Instead of going after them focus on real-looking scores. .

7.  Remove ads and then play: Sometimes, often in-game advertising you frustrated and mixes in your game-play. So, turn off your internet data and then play to get rid of this intrusive ads. It will surely help you on Piano Tiles 2 a high score. .

8.  Clean the screen and then play: It is sometimes possible that your screen sensitivity may be disturbed by dirty screen. So clean your monitor or replace, and then to play this game, to give (if any) your best shaggy display cover.

Ending Note! That’s it for today, friends. It is time to say Goodbye! I hope you like this article “How High on Piano Tiles To Score 2 – Tips & Tricks”.

Clash Royale storms the iOS and Android Charts

The new game of the Clash-of-Clans-makers is now available. And Clash Royale already has a fantastic all charts.


SimCity BuildIt: tips, tricks, cheats, hacks for more money SimCash, Simoleans

simcity buildit tips tricks and hack
SimCity BuildIt, the latest game from Maxis for iOS and Android is, recently come out. And there are tips and tricks for the game. For the completely free game, there are cheats, but to a tool is required, which can be downloaded here. ( Simcity Buildit Cheats )
“This new software runs on iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux, so you have to talk about worry any more, whether it is running on your system or not. SimCity BuildIt Hack Cheat works for all iOS and Android devices! SimCity BuildIt Hack Cheat has a new user-friendly interface and is very easy to use. Just choose everything from what you want to have and press Start, “it says on the side of the tool.
“If you unlimited as money would have, simply check the box, enter desired amount and click Start. All these features make you life easier and SimCity BuildIt Hack Cheat is secure. The SimCity BuildIt Hack Cheat has an anti-Ban system that you and the proxy protects. You do not need root privileges or a jailbreak to SimCity BuildIt Hack Cheat to use! The software performs automatic updates when new security software available. We are proud to announce you money and Simoleons Unlimited! “
And the website of EA brings a new game leader. Here is a condensed version:
Simoleons: Simoleons (§) are the everyday currency. Your citizens pay their taxes so. You can get as a reward for the establishment and development of your city. In addition, trade and business uses you Simoleons. You need Simoleons to buy different building or improving roads. Simoleons (§) govern the virtual world of SimCity!
Earn Get your first Simoleons by looking identifies neighborhoods. There your citizens can build their houses. As your city grows, you get more and more opportunities to improve the houses to collect taxes, complete cargo delivery, to trade and to sell to other players. All this ensures that the ruble (read: the simoleon) rolls. If you’re short on cash, you can also SimCash Change in Simoleons Simoleons or buy in the store.
SimCash: What are the citizens Simoleons SimCash is for the mayor. You automatically get a start-up capital to SimCash when you create your city. You can use (among other things) as an incentive for your construction companies money. If you want, you can exchange SimCash directly in Simoleons.
For every success in the city, you score, you get a bonus SimCash! The rewards for your achievements you can earn in the Mayor Villa. SimCash you can buy you in the shop.
Golden Key: Golden Key are even more exclusive than SimCash.They really are worth gold! Golden Key you can not buy with Simoleons or SimCash you. You have to earn it yourself by successfully completes freight deliveries or new build it your city after disasters. Well worth the effort but. Finally you come help zoom the key to some very cool (and sometimes very famous) prime buildings that are like you and your citizens. Have your visitors green with envy!
Control: You can use a finger buttons, merchandise, and various elements of the city as you launch them about antippst and round draw. To move buildings, solve them with a tip and hold it then pressed.
View: You can pan with one finger, the view; with two fingers to enlarge or reduce by pinch-function; by the corresponding movement of two fingers clockwise or counterclockwise; by pushing or pulling two fingers up or down tilt.
Change city names: Open the settings and choose the option “Edit city name”. The name of your city appears in the Trade Center when you do advertise your products. Also see your friends the name when they visit you. So Meet a good choice!
Visit of friends: parking in the game to connect to Facebook, Game Center or Google Play here. Then you can visit the cities of your friends. Look at their cities and statistics and look even once over commercially Depot to see what is there just available! Choose the green Friendship icon to the left on the screen to find your friends.
When choosing a location for your specialization will help the blue bars on the city map. They represent the percentage of population growth, which is expected in the field, just above you hold your finger. Think about your decision good! Your population counter top of the display. You’ll find him at the blue Population icon.
You Must Read The Below Tips
Satisfied citizens: If you do not keep your citizens happy, they leave their homes and the city. There is a very good reason why you should satisfy: The happier the population is, the higher your namely tax revenues.
How satisfied are the people, you look at the Smiley counter left of the screen.If the Smiley no longer green, you should find out why. To this end there are several options. In the speech you have the citizens in advance about problems such as congestion, lack of services, boredom or a dirty factory in the neighborhood. Show red exclamation mark on the icons to the right of the screen, you can tap it and investigate the problem directly!
The factories produce raw materials that contribute to the growth of the city.Tap on a factory and find the material you want to produce. Put it this on the factory building. When the process is complete, your goods appear above the factory. You can then tap to collect them. With continued success you unlock an ever wider range of materials and more efficient factories!
Commercial buildings such as shops and markets are meant to combine the materials with each other and to be used for new applications. This results in new products. Use seeds to produce tomatoes or processed metal to nails! Tap on your commercial building and tell your citizens what they should produce for you. Drawing to the desired product to the building. The products appear after production above the building. You can then tap to collect them. With continued success in the game you’ll unlock new production plans free!  

WhatsApp: These simple tips and tricks to facilitate chatting

whatsapp tips tricks and cheats

The messaging service WhatsApp enjoys in the age of smartphones and digitization incredible popularity. These simple tricks will make the use of the app for you much easier.

Almost every smartphone user chats on WhatsApp. With these ten simple tricks using the app can go for you even more easily from the hand.

1. Group Message – without group

You want to send a message to several people, but not specifically to create a group? Then broadcast lists are a suitable alternative.

In iOS you can broadcast lists the top left of your chats create. In Android there’s this possibility in the overflow menu under “New Broadcast”.

2. Photos not automatically reverse

What to do if you do not want to keep automatically obtained via WhatsApp photos? Call it the “settings” of its iOS mobile phones and select the menu item “Privacy”.

Then tap “Photos” and remove WhatsApp from the list of applications whose images are generally represented Photo Stream.

With Android products, the procedure is slightly more complicated . With a file explorer app, you need to make the folder locate where WhatsApp stores photos.

Within the folder, create a new file named “.nomedia”. Thereby, the photo app on Android is prevented to browse that folder for images.

3. Link to a Chat on homescreen

If you frequently chat with a person or a group, it can be worthwhile, directly indicate this conversation on the homescreen. With Android , you can set this on the conversation menu.

To do this in the settings on “More” and then “Add link” on . Done!

4. Set the background image for chats

The background image for the chats can be arbitrarily changed. For Android phones, please refer to the settings the option “background”. To select your own image, tap there simply on the “Documents” tab.

When iPhone , the path is altering the background image ” settings chats-the background “. There you can choose between your own photos or some pre-installed images.

5. Deactivate read receipt

With the innovation of the two blue hooks as read confirmation to WhatsApp made ​​not only friends. Under “Settings Account Privacy ” you can turn this feature off.

6. use search function in chat

Yes you can actually looking at WhatsApp. How? For Android devices is the search field under “Search” in the chat settings.

On the iPhone, you must make in the chat list only a rubbing motion down. With the appearing search you can shift through both the contact list and chat content .

Note: Now get access to any whatsapp number in the world, see their chat logs, images and even videos for free. use this link to get access : Whatsapp Hacken

7. Switch off the online status

That everyone can see when it was last seen itself, many users see extremely critical. Here you can easily remedy if necessary.

Under ” Settings Account Privacy ” you can define custom settings and also send to recordable only your contacts information to the online status.

8. Change Phone

“Under Change Settings Account Number ” You can easily change their number. A delete your entire account therefore is therefore not necessary.

9. use app with landline number

With WhatsApp use a landline number you have for your contacts only this discoverable and not the mobile number. This is possible anyway.

Simply enter the corresponding number in the registry. Your verification code you will receive an automatic call.WhatsApp can then use the WLAN.

10. Delete the full account

. Nothing could be easier Simply the path ” Settings Account My Account Delete ” followed and it is soon: “Adieu, WhatsApp!”

Clash of Clans cheats, tips and tricks: the ultimate guide

clash of clans tips and tricks

One game is discussed more than any other at the AndroidPIT office, and that is Clash of Clans. Everybody wants to boost their skills and get more jewels in Supercell’s classic strategy game. So to provide you with the advantage against the opposition, we are delivering you the best Clash of tips and Clans cheats we can discover.

How to get free elixir

-Ensure that your army camps are at full capacity.
-Start the laboratory upgrade for wall breakers.
-Cancel the queued wall breakers, once the lab has concluded.
-You may receive a refund for the troops at the updated elixir cost.

The best way to protect your elixir suddenly

-Ensure that your army camps are at full capacity.
-Cancel the build order when you play as well as your elixir will undoubtedly be restored.

Clash of Families tips for beginners

Join a clan: Troops donated to help you out in conflict, and co-ordinated raids can bring in certain huge rewards.

Assemble constructions close together: In addition, make an effort to make sure the outside as possible and there are as many walls between your resources.

Place your most powerful defense units in a place that is central: this will mean they take longer to get to and destroy.

Do not squander your jewels speeding up creation: jewels are difficult to come by, so only use them when you’re distressed or have an abundance of them.

Be careful sending too many troops to assault: Troops sent into battle do not return, even if you are not defeated.

The best way to get stone that are free in Clash of Clans

Some of the most often requested Clash of Clans cheats is getting free gems. To get this done, try removing obstructions like trees, rocks, and bushes from the field – this you will sometimes find jewels in doing. And don’t forget when you reach particular Achievements, that jewels are allowed. Stealing 100,000,000 elixir, for example, will allow you 20 gems.

A note of Clans hacking on Conflict: installing a Battle of Kin hack to get unlimited gems, elixir or gold is not legal. This is the way Supercell, the programmer monetizes the game: installing software to elude this is tantamount to larceny. Clash of Clans hacks can also be bad for your device and computer. Moreover, using codes to get stone for free is not proposed for the same motives. Simply use our Clash of Clans tricks instead.

Let us know in the comments below what other games you’d like tips for. Check Clash of clans hack here.

Machine War Zone debuts new Mobile Strike TV ad with Arnold

mobile strike debut with arnold

He is Back. Having a fresh post-vacation advertisement, Machine Zone has Arnold Schwarzenegger in another advertisement for Mobile Strike.

This mobile modern-combat strategy game debuted in November. This ad is the latest effort of Machine Zone to obtain the interest of hardcore gamers in the $30 billion mobile game sector. In the run-up to the Super Bowl, mobile game companies are likely to start out coming out with more high-profile advertising.

The game is now No. 5 on the top-grossing iOS games in the U.S., according to App Annie.

Mobile Strike comes from the newest Machine Zone {how to hack mobile strike} division dubbed Epic War. Schwarzenegger is the front man for the graphics promoting the present day warfare game, and he’s also now starred in three live action commercials.

Game companies spent about $630 million in 2015 on TV ads this past year. Those advertisements live on for lots of added views on the net, particularly on YouTube. In that way, the ad dollars get stretched a lot farther.

In this advertisement, dubbed “War Without Weapons,” Schwarzenegger starts out looking through a window at a war zone. He makes a missile take off and looks at his telephone. A bad guy attempts to shoot at him, and Schwarzenegger pulls a shotgun on the phone up. He gestures as if he were shooting a firearm, but instead points the telephone at the bad guy. The gun goes off, as well as the bad guy flees. Subsequently Ah nold says, “Oh, look. My phone is blowing up,” as he uses it to rain a genuine air strike on the region.

Schwarzenegger has a lot of celebrity power, but his Mobile Strike advertising always involve some type of wit as well. Amusing advertisements are considered less questionable to consumers, who have a tendency to share them more than other obviously commercial advertising attempts.

It ran on channels for example ESPN, and it absolutely was probably aimed at hardcore fans who like military games. Schwarzenegger appeared in full military attire, and the ad was full of action. While he is getting dressed but this new place is not clearly less nonchalant, revealing him playing on an iPad. Toy soldiers and helicopters appear as he walks down a hallway, also it ends with Schwarzenegger saying, “No matter where, no matter when, I’ll defend.”

Machine Zone released Game of War in the summer of 2013, plus it’s had incredible staying power, remaining in the top-three grossing list for many of the last two years. Machine Zone chief executive Gabe Leydon talked about his company’s strategy at our GamesBeat 2015 conference in October. Sales for Game of War are thought to be in the millions daily and hundreds of millions annually.

In Game of War, the coalition conflicts will be the core of the action and enjoyment. Players attempt to create the biggest bases as well as the strongest connections, and they go to war with other coalitions. With Mobile Strike, Machine Zone is relying upon an identical vengeance-and-competition gameplay to keep players coming back. But as this new advertising shows, Machine Zone apparently desires the casual players as well as the hardcore spenders to drive Mobile Strike higher. Check this site out for Mobile strike hack .

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team: Fast FUT earn coins [Tips & Tricks]

FIFA 16 since yesterday available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. One of the most popular modes in FIFA 16 is undoubtedly the Ultimate Team mode.


FIFA 16 – Quick earn FUT coins

You will doubtless have noticed that good players are currently veelte expensive. This is due, among other things, that FIFA 16 is still fairly new and everyone wants to make money as quickly as possible. There are also limited rare cards, keeping prices shoot through the roof.

You have several ways to earn coins in FUT 16. For example, you can start looking for bargains and resell them at a profit, the downside to this is that you need a lot of work. So you need to keep constant track of the sales and only ever offer the best price. This is of course very time consuming. It can be much easier!

It can be much easier and simpler! Because FIFA 16 is still new, there is plenty of cheap Hertel cards. If you buy a lot of recovery tickets for about 200/250 can sell this in the evenings for a minimum of 600 coins.

The trick to quickly and without risk to earn a lot of money is cheap to buy. Follow the steps below to make quick FUT coins!

Fast money in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

To get started, you have little need FUT 16 coins. With this money we will buy as many tickets as possible recovery. Go Transfers> Consumable Item search.

At Max. Buy Now you enter 250 in, for Type select Restore and Level Gold. Now press Search.

You should now see a whole row of recovery-cards that are intended for the head. This we do not need, we go for Recovery – All injuries tickets.

Try to buy tickets for 250 coins. With the sale of these cards you can earn at least 100%.Buy as many tickets in.

In the afternoon you can sell the Recovery cards for at least 500 FUT coins. In the evenings you can have a lot more in return.

If you have many friends who play FIFA 16, you can tackle it even smarter. You can namely agree with his all to sell the Recovery cards at a time. You speak then a time out to put up for sale the tickets. If, for example with 10 friends put together a ticket for 1000 FUT coins, each player then places 30 cards. There will be over 300 cards at a time for sale at that time. This means that 30 pages, one after the other have the same price.

People are forced to pay the required coins. The more people do this simultaneously, the more profit you can make in a short period. But If you want to get Free coins and points for your better gameplay, you can check Générateur pièces FIFA 16

These things you can do with the new update of Snap Chat

Few Days Back Snap Chat has rolled out a massive update for iOS and Android. The app is a new feature that lets you add special effects to your selfies: Lenses.

To activate Lenses, focus your front camera on yourself and tap your little longer than normal on your face. Bottom of your screen will appear a lot of different filters that you can choose from. Snap Chat tells you exactly what to do!


So you can make a real rainbow come out of your mouth, you can transform yourself into scary monster, you suddenly become thirty years or older you get big, sad eyes tear.


Photos look back

The principle of Snap Chat is that you can send pictures to each other that are to be seen a short time, but since a while you could also view photos and videos look back once. In the new update of Snap Chat is also a function that allows users to look back some photos and videos for $ 0.99. This is the first time that Snap Chat adds a paid position with the app. This update has already been made in America, but it is not yet known when the changes also come to the Netherlands.


If Snap Chat user, you can also earn trophies with Snap Chat. These appear in a virtual trophy cabinet. You can find it if you press the white ghost on top of the picture display.At the same place you can find a trophy with all your prizes. You can earn prizes by sending photos with a filter, a video or snap earning points Snap Chat.

What do you think of the new update Snap Chat?

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